Dress Code

Elementary Appearance Standards K-5


A.      Must wear shoes.

B.      Hemline of all garments will be hemmed, can be no shorter than approximately four (4) inches above the knee and can not drag the ground.

C.      Hair must be kept neat, clean, and well-groomed with no hair painting.

D.      Coverall straps will be fastened over the shoulder.

E.       Shirts or blouses shall be long enough and will be tucked in at the waist.  All garments will be worn at the waist.

F.The following is not permitted:  
    1.    Bare midriff garments; halters; tops with low necklines, spaghetti straps or low armpit openings; or, tank-tops.

    2.    Coarse knit, transparent, torn, and/or “see through” garments.

    3.    “Cut-offs” or spandex garments (example: biker shorts) and soccer shorts.

    4.    Any clothing or accessories that advertises or depicts: tobacco products; alcoholic beverages; drugs; lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene writings and pictures; death and dismemberment or association with or promotion of gangs.     

    5.    Flip-flops, backless shoes, shoes with cleats or any shoes with wheels (heelies and/or skates).

    6.    Pants that are saggy or baggy.

    7.    Oversized pants legs (no wider than 10”) or   pants with oversized pockets (no larger than 6 inches wide and 7 inches deep

    8.    Temporary or permanent tattoos or stamps on the skin that are exposed to public view.

    9.    Rings or jewelry in pierced locations on the student’s body other than the earlobe.  Students may wear a single earring or item of jewelry no larger than one (1) inch in either or both earlobes.  No enlarged earlobe piercings (gauging) and no “cutting” of the eyebrow.

    10. Make-up or glue on nails during school or school sponsored activities unless prior authorization from the principal has been obtained for specific events or purposes.

The school reserves the right at all times to regulate all students’ appearances that create a disruption, are a distraction to learning, are of questionable decency, and/or create a health or safety hazard.

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