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To elevate the amazing experiences your child will have this year, our classroom will participate in the powerful game, Super Improvers, developed by Chris Biffle, Director of Whole Brain Teaching. This positive tool not only motivates students to follow our classroom and school rules, it also individually acknowledges improvement, not ability, in both academic and social skills.


In our classroom you will see a thirteen level Super Improver Game display. As students show improvement throughout the year they will move up through the levels. Improvements can be made in reading, writing, math, handwriting, classroom behavior, social skills, or anything!


Our class goal will be for students to set personal records and break them. In this wondrous game, students’ only competitor is themselves!


This year we will be using Class Dojo to show students’ improvements. Every point you see your child earn in Dojo is a personal record that he/she has broken. You will see your child’s Class Dojo avatar change as they move up through the Super Improver levels.


One Big Point: We will not be using negative points in Dojo. If there are any behavior issues that come up in class requiring a parent contact, I will notify you. They will not receive negative points in Class Dojo. I want to focus students on the growth they can make. No matter where they start, each pupil can grow. We will celebrate that growth, and hope you can help celebrate at home, too.



Please feel free to phone, message on Class Dojo or email me with any questions.


Tamra Lowe

[email protected]

(575) 433-2600

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